Top 10 Magento 2 Extension To Boost Online Sales And Marketing

Magento 2 Extension

You don’t need to go anywhere else to search for Magento extensions; we have done our research and came up with the list of best Magento 2 extensions that you could use to boost online sales and marketing for your Magento 2 store. Here is the detailed list of the best Magento 2 extensions of 2021 to integrate with your Magento 2 store with all the special features and highlights of each extension.

Affiliate for Magento 2

Affliated to Magento

Mageplaza’s “Affiliate for Magento2” extension is among the best affiliate marketing solutions out there for Magento 2 online stores for selling online. Affiliate programs help make more sales for your Magento 2 store by increasing website visits and giving you the chance to earn a lot of extra money on your sales. It also helps in increasing your sales by increasing awareness about your brand with its marketing capabilities.

Key highlights:

  • You can use it to create multiple “Affiliate marketing” programs
  • Set different levels of commissions for different affiliate programs and milestones
  • Customizable Affiliate link: Parameter or Hash
  • It can be used to create many Affiliate Groups
  • Gives the option to invite friends through sharing on various social channels
  • Allows creating and managing links and banners effectively
  • Pricing: $99
  • Vendor: Mageplaza

Reward points

Reward Extension

 “Reward points for Magento 2” is an extension vendored by Mageplaza. It allows you to create reward programs for customers of your store. In these programs, your customer is rewarded with points for various activities like buying items, giving feedback and reviews on purchased items, or, in general, about the stores, inviting other users to your store using referral links and codes.

Key Highlights:

  • Allows you to set spending and earning rules, for example, the validity of points and the products on which you can avail points
  • Allow you to set the reward points as a payment method.
  • It can help increase customer engagement and traffic on your website.
  • Allows adding a loyalty program
  • Mageplaza sells it.
  • At a price of 79$

SEO extension by Amasty

SEO extension by Amasty

SEO is not just for blogging sites, and it is really important if you sell online; choosing the right SEO extensions on your could be time-consuming. We are here with this powerful SEO toolkit by Amasty, and you can surely try it out. It automates the meta tags template for different category products. It can help you improve your ranking in searches. It uses breadcrumbs to enrich snippets.

Key Highlights:

  • It gives you options of advanced paginations and redirects
  • Search results with better snippets
  • Automatically creates a template for meta tags
  • Automatically generates external and internal cross-links
  • Comes with advanced XML and HTML options

Shop by brand

Shop By Brand Extension

Shop by the brand is a must-have extension for every Magento eCommerce store owner, and it allows customers to search and shop for products by brands of their preference. Any e-commerce store is incomplete without this kind of feature, especially fashion and accessories stores. In addition, you can add the brand attribute in the product data of every product to categorize it with the brand.

It allows the users of your store to filter out the products for selected brands.

Key Highlights:

  • Allows filtering by brand
  • You can also make a separate page for brand categories
  • Allows searching products by brand
  • Very useful for multiple seller marketplace stores
  • Free updates for six months and free support for three months
  • It is priced at 59$
  • Sold by Appjet



Amasty endorses this extension. It adds the feature of making a wishlist in your online store, which is a very important and obvious feature of an online e-commerce store. Adding favorite products to the wishlist is a common and expected functionality in an e-commerce store.

It is very beneficial for your store, and it gives you feedback about the product; people putting a product on a wishlist must like the product, hence allowing you to market it better.

This gives you an idea about the shopper’s demand and helps you manage stock in your store.

Key Highlights:

  • Helps in monitoring favorite products among the customers
  • Quick product page visit with a single click
  • Helps in seeing which items are liked by most customers
  • Allow the store owner to see the most liked products in a single view
  • Free of cost 
  • Vendors by Amasty

Minify CSS, HTML and JS

It is a very nice extension to have integrated into your Magento site, and it reduces the loading time of your website by compressing javascript and inline CSS code. As a result, it speeds up the performance of your site. Since no one likes slow websites, it is a must-have extension for your store. You should improve your website’s performance wherever possible, so this extension does the work for you by compressing the code before sending it to the client’s browser.

It does not disturb the merge js and CSS, which is a built-in feature of Magento 2. Instead, it does something different and adds to your store’s speed.

Key Highlights:

  • Very easy installation and usage
  • Compatible with varnish cache extensions and FPC.
  • Compatible versions: Magento 2.0, 2.1 ,2.2, 2.3
  • Maximum HTML minification setting options
  • Free, 49$ price for installation
  • Vendors by Appian

Shop by Attribute

This extension brings the most important feature to Magento store of allowing customers to search products by attributes; as you have seen in most popular fashion stores, this kind of searching is available, and if it is not in your store then, you are losing your customer base, as it is very inconvenient for your customers to go through a lot of products and whether it has a particular attribute or not. So this is a much-recommended extension, especially for fashion stores, fashion store users want smooth and quick browsing of products.

Shop by attribute extension allows the admin of your store to create a new page, shop by <attribute type>, for example, shop by color, so the admin need to add or remove attribute values, and these values will be synced after clicking on “sync attribute options,” and it will add the new categories in the shop by color page.

It is highly configurable, and you can change the design and display with code changes on the backend; everything you see is highly customizable.

Key Highlights:

  • Allows you to configure options and attributes as per customer interaction and reviews
  • Different design and layouts for different shops by attribute pages

One-step checkout

One Step Magento

Amasty has another very cool extension to offer, “One-step checkout,” which makes the process of checking out very easy. It will improve your store’s user experience and speed of checkout, surely make a great impact if your store currently doesn’t have such kind of checkout functionality.

It allows you to customize your checkout page completely, so definitely a much-recommended extension.

Key Highlights:

  • Allows you to set default values for checkout fields
  • Automatically detects geolocation with the “GEO IP tool.”
  • Allows you to put edit product and checkout
  • Delivery date and time visibility options
  • Amazon pay supported
  • Free 3 months support
  • Free updates for a lifetime
  • Money back guarantee of 60 days


Omnisend Extension


This extension will transform your marketing practices by integrating various marketing channels into one channel (omnichannel). Using this extension, you can communicate with your customers on different channels and platforms like SMS, WhatsApp messenger, Facebook messenger, etc. In addition, it is a very nice tool for handling customer queries and support.

Key Highlights:

  • Comes with predefined automation workflows
  • It can generate different types of reports
  • Option for advanced segmentation
  • Very interactive email widgets


Beeketing is a powerful extension to reduce cart abandonment, increase cross-sell and upsell. In addition, it helps in increasing your store’s conversion rate.

Upsell in beekeeping allows you to market a particular product more to increase its sale.

Key Highlights:

  • Shows recent sales in small corner popup
  • Allows you to display stock counter and countdown timer for a particular product
  • You can bundle multiple products for upselling and cross-selling
  • Allows you to target leaving customers and increase the retention rate of customers
  • Shows smart recommendations powered by AI
  • Recommendation sliders
  • Pricing: 6 tools are free, four tools are made available with a subscription
  • Vendors by Beeketing

Wrapping Up!

So these are the most recommended Magento 2 extensions to boost your sales and marketing. These are all widely used by Magento users and have been proven fruitful for the growth of their stores. 

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