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Today let’s discuss about the term Magento Commerce Cloud. I hope so you might not be familiar with this term, if you are a non-tech person. Your first thought after reading Cloud must be the cloud located in sky.

No, here we are not discussing about those clouds but these cloud are a type of data storage which get available on demand and these are a resource of computer system without direct active management by the user. The more larger clouds the more functions it contains and distributed over multiple locations where each location having its own data center.

Cloud computing focuses on resource sharing to achieve continuity and is typically based on a "pay-as-you-go" model, which can help reduce capital expenses but can also result in unexpected operating expenses for uninformed users.

What is Magento commerce Cloud?

Magento Commerce Cloud is platform as a service. It is a properly managed cloud based version of Magento. Magento commerce platform which allows you to go beyond the traditional marketing boundaries in terms of scalability, adaptability, and performance of your online business at the global level. Magento commerce cloud is also called as Adobe Commerce.

Magento Commerce Cloud is a smart move by Magento to take your wide spreaded business to the next level without any of the problematic situation. It is a robust system that has brought the unmatched characteristics of magento commerce cloud and Amazon web services together.

Magento brought the Magento Commerce cloud solutions to remove the unwanted e-commerce baggage by providing a complete cloud marketing ecosystem that comprises no server necessity, completely hosted setup, no marketing and scalability boundaries and expeditious excess to your e-commerce business.

Features of Magento Commerce Cloud

Magento Cloud provides some of the developed features and advance functionalities which can be applied to complex e-commerce strategies. Here is a list of magento commerce cloud features:-

Ece Tool Package

Ece Tool Package

An ECE Tool Package introduced by Magento helps in providing a scalable deployment tool tailored to the merchant’s requirement.

Hosted on cloud

Hosted on cloud

The characteristic of Magento cloud edition allows for quick scalability and stable performance no matter the sales season. A dedicated team of Magento developers ensures that your ecommerce store is operated with maximum efficiency by magento commerce cloud which runs on AWS. Magento is completely familiar with the traffic which comes to the online stores and can easily manage all the occurring problems.

Rich Administrative Suite

Rich Administrative Suite

This feature of magento commerce cloud enriches the administrative suite of magento commerce which enables us to smoothly handle complex projects.

Rapid Development

Rapid Development

Magento commerce Cloud makes the growth of business very rapidly. The development of business gets four times faster as compare to other platforms of e-commerce as it crawls the complete traffic in online platforms.

Customizable Environment

Customizable Environment

Magento commerce clouds services are very flexible in nature. In this platform we can create anything according to the clients need.

Enhanced Security

Enhanced Security

The main feature of magento platform is that its security are enough high which doesn’t let go your data outside.

High Scalability

High Scalability

With the complete power of AWS infrastructure and magento ecommerce functions our developers will help in taking your business many times up level as compare to earlier.

Magento Commerce Cloud Architecture

Magento commerce cloud is a upgraded version of a Magento commerce self hosted edition which is there and stands with Magento open source. You might be worrying what will be fit into ecommerce architecture? Let’s move further and upgrade more knowledge about Magento Commerce Cloud at Starter and Pro plans. Magento Commerce cloud starter plan architecture supports:-Essentials of Business intelligence, paypal onboarding tool, all core Features of Magento 2.

The architecture of Starter plan has four environment :-
1  Integration  2  Staging  3  Production  4  Inactive

Magento Commerce Cloud Pro plan supports:-Paypal on boarding tool, B2B Module, Business intelligence pro, All core features of Magento 2.

The architecture of Pro Plan has three environments:-
1  Integration 2   Staging 3  Production

Benefits of Magento Commerce Cloud Services

The first thought before Choosing Magento Commerce Cloud would be what are the benefits of choosing it? Here are answers mentioned to your question.

Seamless and Fast Production Deployment

Seamless and Fast Production Deployment

Our skilled Magneto developers make seamless and quick production deployment in cloud storage. Earlier adding projects on cloud was little complex because developers needs to use three get repositories to handle the integration, staging and production environment.

Total Cost of Ownership

Total Cost of Ownership

A lot of small Companies think that the open source solution delivers the less total cost of ownership. Although, selecting an open source edition is a good option but only in that condition if we want to exclude software and subscription fees. But if you want complete services like development, hosting, maintenance, design, security patches, support and Custom extension than TCO is a lot more the price of your software. For many part Open source is more expensive than commerce cloud which also have advance functionalities.

Fast Time to Market

Fast Time to Market

Another advantage provided by Commerce Cloud is its quick time to market. With Magento Commerce Cloud, you can run marketing campaigns more quickly thanks to automatic deployments. The cloud solution introduces the quickest way to maintain a fully operational ecommerce store in six months.

Our Magento Commerce Cloud Services at Ascure Technologies

Ascure Technologies helps their clients quickly with the new updates as per the market speed. There are various in-built features customized as per specific eCommerce business needs in the Magento Commerce Cloud. You can save many different costs related to website building with Magento Commerce Cloud.

Our Magento Commerce cloud services included of the below given points:-

Commerce Cloud Consultation

Our Magento team experts will consult at the early stage as per your demands our Magento developers will start providing services.


Architecture Planning

We do complete planning step by step before beginning with any of the new project


Magento Commerce Cloud Implementation

After done with the whole process we implement the changes and updates.


Why Choose Ascure Technologies for Magento Commerce Cloud Services?

Frequently Asked Question

Yes, It is highly secured. You don’t need to worry about the data once it is successfully uploaded in the cloud.

The Cost of ownership is less as compared to Open Source edition. The cloud services have advanced functionalities. Moreover, the cost depends upon the complexity of the project.

According to us Magento Commerce cloud is much better as compared to Salesforce commerce cloud because magento serves for B2B and B2C businesses with high security.

Yes, Magento supports Bulk Data transfer but big commerce and salesforce commerce cloud doesn’t support bulk transfer.

No, you need not to face any type of server performance problem because the Adobe Commerce has the ownership of Magento Commerce Cloud.

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