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Salesforce maintenance &
support services

Ascure Technologies has 5+ years of expertise in Salesforce. We believe in providing customers with Salesforce maintenance & support services. The main key to the business is the satisfaction of the customer. So, our team understands the requirements of your business and provides tailored solutions for Salesforce maintenance & support services. No matter how skillfully the Salesforce deployment is done, it can still need technical assistance and more upgrades to keep everything operating well. In light of this, we continuously provide assistance, upkeep, and ongoing guidance to guarantee efficient workflow using Salesforce CRM for the greatest outcomes. Our objective is to give you the best Salesforce assistance possible to achieve the fastest possible growth for your company.

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Whether you want to improve productivity and outcomes from an existing Salesforce deployment or you are thinking about moving to Salesforce and require professional direction, support, and advice in order to get ready for its implementation. Our skilled team can help you resolve your issues based on your priorities and their urgency.

At Ascure Technologies, we provide Salesforce maintenance and support services to all users, from small businesses to large enterprises. We have a pool of Salesforce developers and administrators to assist you in the situation where you are stuck and provide support to your firm with user training, ensuring successful Salesforce maintenance within the organization.

Salesforce support services we offer

CRM Monitoring 01

CRM Monitoring

We constantly observe and pro-actively monitor Salesforce implementation with the aid of our Salesforce maintenance and support services. Following the identification of the areas that require improvement, Ongoing support and direction are given along with the suggested course of action.

Bug Fixing 02

Bug Fixing

We provide upgrade options that can enhance the functionality of your current infrastructure to its full potential. Our knowledgeable team attends to all of your business needs while fixing any mistakes in the code found during the evaluation to ensure that there are no performance problems.

User Support and Assistance 03

User Support and Assistance

Regardless of whether you need a full Salesforce implementation solution or just want to confirm that your existing Salesforce solution is correctly implemented and adding the most value possible to your company, we can help. To make the most of Salesforce's features, we offer full Salesforce support help and assistance.

Salesforce Customization 04

Salesforce Customization

Our team keeps informed of the most recent CRM developments. We put a lot of effort into making sure your Salesforce setup goes well, and we provide enhancement plans with new features and functionalities to assist you in maintaining your company's effective and efficient operation.

How can Ascure Technologies help you with Salesforce support?

Data Management

We follow the principle to follow all your data related concerns with complete confidentiality. Our professionals are here to maintain and look over your Salesforce system’s data functionalities, from uploads and cleansing to validation, administration, and setups. You will receive a complete bunch of solutions.

Salesforce Maintenance

We will resolve all the issues, whether it is a salesforce downtime or poor adoption of the technology with our Comprehensive range of services. A few of the best services that keep your CRM solution running smoothly and effectively include user administration, security management, reporting, and regular checkups.


We constantly look for ways to enhance and upgrade your system with the best features. To deliver a smooth experience, our dedicated team of Salesforce developers is here to assist you; regardless of complicated issues, we have perfect solutions for them.

System Upgradation

Our developers are considered best in class for salesforce system upgradation services. Our experts will upgrade your system as per your business requirements and market demands. Experts will also provide a smooth experience to the end user.

User support and assistance

For your salesforce solutions, we offer a wide variety of user help and assistance services. Our top-notch salesforce assistance services are founded on a range of flexible packages and corporate needs.

24*7 Salesforce CRM support

To maintain the high and streamlined performance of your salesforce solution, you will receive 24/7 Salesforce maintenance & support services. No matter how complicated the problems are or where the enquiry emerges, our professionals are always available to assist you.

Salesforce Helpdesk

Need help with your Salesforce product? Contact us; our salesforce help desk is available to discuss your concerns, inquiries, and ideas. You only need to get in touch with us, and we'll provide the best solutions to assist you with your questions and concerns.

Salesforce Products we Support


Sales cloud


Commerce Cloud


Service cloud


Financial service cloud


Marketing cloud

Community cloud


99% of companies signed up for AscureTech Salesforce Maintenance & support become our long-term clients. Find out why!


Ascure Technologies Salesforce Developers Skills

Our Salesforce developers are responsible for building and maintaining custom solutions on the Salesforce platform.
Here are some key skills that our Salesforce developers have:

Salesforce Development

Salesforce Development

Our Salesforce developers have expertise in Salesforce development, including Apex programming, Visualforce pages, and Lightning components.

Technical proficiency

Technical proficiency

Our Salesforce developers have a strong understanding of software engineering principles and are comfortable working with various programming languages and tools.

Problem-solving skills

Problem-solving skills

Our Salesforce developers have excellent problem-solving skills and are able to analyze complex business requirements to develop effective solutions.

Knowledge of Salesforce ecosystem

Knowledge of Salesforce ecosystem

Our Salesforce developers have a thorough understanding of the Salesforce ecosystem, including Salesforce products, services, and APIs.

Communication skills

Communication skills

Our Salesforce developers have excellent communication skills and are able to work collaboratively with stakeholders to understand business requirements and convey technical information.

Data modeling and integration

Data modeling and integration

Our Salesforce developers are knowledgeable about data modeling and integration techniques, including REST and SOAP APIs, ETL tools, and middleware.

Security and compliance

Security and compliance

Our Salesforce developers are familiar with Salesforce security and compliance standards and are able to implement best practices to ensure data security and privacy.

Continuous learning

Continuous learning

Our Salesforce developers are committed to continuous learning and stay up-to-date with the latest Salesforce updates and innovations.

What makes Ascure Technologies the best for Salesforce maintenance & support services?

A team of innovative IT specialists at Ascure Technologies offers all Salesforce expert services under one roof. We offer a variety of assistance models to choose from based on our adaptable methodology. With the aid of our unparalleled Salesforce maintenance & support services, we pledge to continually better for our partners. In every area of your Salesforce company operations, we strive for exceptional performance. Our Salesforce support staff is skilled at spotting issues and tackling them head-on. We can handle everything efficiently and shrewdly, guaranteeing the finest outcomes!

  • Salesforce Certified Professionals
  • Sector Knowledge
  • End-to-end Salesforce services
  • Reliable and flexible

Salesforce Technologies and Tools

We use many cutting-edge Salesforce technologies and tools to build and integrate a powerful salesforce platform that helps you serve millions of users with the best services and support.

  • ERP Integration
  • Marketing Automation Integration
  • Accounting Integration
  • E-Commerce Integration
  • Salesforce Email Integration
  • Collaboration System Integration
  • Social Media Integration
  • CTI Integration
  • Salesforce Database Integration
  • ITSM Integration
  • Service Cloud
  • Sales Cloud
  • Commerce Cloud
  • Financial Services Cloud
  • Marketing Cloud
  • Field Service Cloud
  • Community Cloud
  • App Cloud
  • Health Cloud
  • Experience Cloud
  • Industry Cloud
  • Analytics Cloud
  • IoT Cloud
  • Conga Composer
  • Conga Sign
  • E3Excel
  • DocuSign
  • Nintex Drawloop DocGen
  • Salesforce1
  • Pardot
  • Heroku
  • Apex
  • Chatter
  • Informatica Cloud
  • MuleSoft
  • Lightning
  • CPQ
  • Jitterbit
  • Customer 360
  • Shield
  • Salesforce CLI
  • Ant Migration Tool
  • Case Management
  • Workbench
  • Data loader
  • Clickdeploy
  • FSL
  • Vlocity
  • Incident Management
  • Tableau Analytics
  • Salesforce Einstein
  • LWC
  • Aura Components
  • Visualforce
  • Automation Tools
  • Customization

Best Development Services For Your Business

From Web and Mobile applications to enterprise software, our team utilizes the latest technologies and industry best practices to deliver scalable and efficient software products.

With this insight, we develop customized strategies and solutions that align with their business goals, drive success and help organizations of all sizes to ace the race.




Salesforce support and evolution services include things like 24/7 system monitoring, user help desks, and functionality upgrades, among other things. We deliver full development support and administration for Salesforce products to guarantee that they run smoothly and can be enhanced quickly whenever required.

Sales support professionals are responsible for helping customers during the sales process. Our Salesforce support services include providing critical help to end-users in their day-to-day tasks, as well as supporting and maintaining databases for customer marketing initiatives. We provide real-time support to customers to help them resolve sales-related issues on time.

We provide improvised support and support packages that are tailored to your specific requirements. In any instance, you will have access to Certified Salesforce Professionals who can offer advice and support, as well as make configuration modifications to fix any issues or add new capabilities if required.

Yes, based on your business requirements and demands, we can develop a bespoke maintenance and support plan. We provide a comprehensive package that includes all necessary services and features; you can choose which services you want, and we can tailor the package as per your requirements.

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