What Is The Cost To Hire Experienced Magento Developers?


As the saying goes, “Everything that is good comes at a price,” so do the experienced Magento developers. No doubt it’s true. So to clear you in the first place, if you are looking to hire a Magento developer or a team, keep in mind that it will cost you a good amount of a penny!

Hence we have come up with this blog to guide you on how to manage your budgets with understanding the industry rates to hire a Magento developer and team. 

Magento is the biggest e-commerce platform on the internet that requires heavy knowledge of coding and technical expertise. Hence, hiring an experienced Magento developer means that they possess a higher skill set and intelligence base that requires you to pay them a good cost, can be estimated up to $22,000 yearly, and can be more depending on the plugins, extensions, and your business requirements. 

Whereas, if you only need basic Magento development services, it might only cost you a good lunch in your favorite restaurant for $50 only. Seems the perfect price right. Hence, if you want to hire a certified Magento developer and a Magento development agency, that will add to your budget accordingly. 

Estimate The Cost Of Magento Development Service For Your Business

For large e-commerce projects, Magento is the most preferred e-commerce platform of all time. As the platform is also complicated and requires a high skill set, determining the cost is not an easy task. There are several factors you have to consider that make you the cost of hiring a Magento developer or an agency. Here we are presenting you with some factors to help you get the rough idea about the approximate cost for your Magento development services. We have collected some major factors that make the cost of availing Magento development services from the expert developer or hiring the whole team. 

Important Factors That Made Up Magento Development Cost

Thoroughly go through these factors to find out the criteria on which the cost of Magento development is dependent. 

1.  Select Magento Edition Based On Your Needs

Magento Edition

There are three main types of Magento Editions on which your Magento Website Development is based: Basic Magento Development, Custom Magento Development, & Magento Enterprise Development. 

If you are choosing the Basic Plan, your Magento development cost can start from $20,000 to $40,000 in a year. It includes all the basic features of Magento, a simple website design, become part of the Magento community, and smooth functioning CMS platform.

Custom Plan is the best Magento development plan if you want to upgrade, customize, and migrate your Magento eCommerce website. It will cost you about $40,000 – $100,000, depending on your needs. 

Enterprises Plan solves all your complex business project solutions and needs so many functionalities to Magento features. The enterprise’s plan will cost you about $100,000 per year. 

2.  Magento Website Design Cost

magento website design cost

With the help of extensions, you can add so many functionalities and features to your online stores, but with the themes, you can add designs and enhance the appearance of your website. However, the Magento platform has a number of pre-made themes available on its platform and you can purchase them to design your website. But as the Magento platform is complicated, you cannot make all the customization and design for your website. Depending on the theme and design you are required to perform on your Magento, your cost is defined. 

3.  Which & How Many Extensions You Want To Apply

magento extension

You can add many extensions to your website. You can even develop the extensions or integrate them on your Magento website. With these Magento extensions, you can add some additional features to your website and add advanced functions to your website. You can create a powerful Magento website using these extensions. You can use as many extensions as you want to add to your website. The cost of using extensions depends on how many and what functionalities you want to add to your Magento website. Hence it varies with your needs, developers or agency charges. 

4.  Which Server & Hosting Plan Do You Want To Use

Hosting Plan

Hosting and server hold a major cost in your Magento website development. So if you are choosing the hosting option, there are four different types of hosting options available for your Magento website. You can choose from Shared hosting, Private hosting, Cloud Hosting, and Dedicated hosting. Depending on your website needs, you can choose your Magento hosting services accordingly. 

5.  Magento Website Development Cost

magento website development cost

A significant chunk of the amount is carried away in website development. If you are about to build a new website for your online business, then make sure to have enough funds in your bank. However, if you need to add some new web pages or require any changes in your existing Magento eCommerce store, then you need less money. Hence, while figuring out your Magento project cost, you need to consider website development cost based on your project requirements. 

6.  Magento Website Maintenance Cost

Every business asset requires maintenance, and so does your Magento eCommerce store. It does not end with the development of your website, but you require to keep your website regularly maintained and managed so that all the features and functionalities work on your website smoothly. For this reason, you need to hire an expert to keep a regular check on your website and resolve any issue on the go. Keep that in mind that you need funds to maintain your Magento website regularly as long as you wish to run a successful online store. 

Wrapping Up

Here we have discussed some of the important factors that make the cost of your Magento development services. You can discuss all these costs with the developers and ask them for yearly, quarterly, or monthly costs. Based on the pricing plan they offer and suitability to your budget, you can choose a Magento developer accordingly. If you are a beginner or running your new Magento website, make sure to ask for Magento development from various developers and Magento development companies for competitive pricing. 

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