Things to keep in mind before you start building an E-commerce Website.

start building an E-commerce Website


Ecommerce technologies are newly emerging day by day to promote ecommerce business. Currently, there is an unlimited eCommerce development company for providing eCommerce solution services worldwide, Ascure Technologies is one of them. You can hire us as an eCommerce solution development partner for your ecommerce business.

As you read this blog, you’ll discover several things you should consider for the best ecommerce solutions.

Table of content

  1. Why E-commerce Website building is necessary?
  2. E-commerce Website building Tips
    • Properly Description of Product
    • Designing of the Shopping cart
    • Responsive Design
    • Cybersecurity
    • Optimize Performance
    • Help Support and Contact information
    • Payment options
    • Smoothly Checkout
    • Outstanding Site Search

Why E-commerce Website building is necessary?

To Increase revenue for your business, building an e-commerce website is the best way to go. In Today’s world investing on building an ecommerce website is the best investment to increase your sales in online stores as well as offline stores. However, this won’t give results in just one night as it requires enough time to build a robust client base. Easy-to-use, user-friendly, customized to meet the nature of your products, and high-level security are the characteristics of good e-commerce websites.

For eCommerce website development, there are various best ecommerce platforms such as Amazon FBA, Shopify and many more. Both platforms are easy to use, but there are many advantages and disadvantages so that you can choose according to your specific needs. Amazon already has its customer, which is beneficial for you, while with Shopify, you have to search for the customers.

Ecommerce website building tips

Before beginning with eCommerce solution development, there are various things to consider; some of them are as follows:-

Properly Description of Product

The main objective of e-commerce sites is to sell the products. In an ecommerce site, to display your products, you need to use high-quality photos which can attract the buyers attention and Compel to buy. Marketing gets easier using good visuals and good product description for ecommerce customers. Keeping good quality images in ecommerce site shows the exact products appearing in real-time. Custom online eCommerce Solutions present the products more elegantly and attractively.

To build trust among your ecommerce customers, keep using the same product image and description; you are going to sell them using ecommerce solutions. You should avoid providing fake information about its material, color, size and designs it gives the wrong impression in front of the customer. As a result, they consider it fraud and think that the seller is doing a scam with us this may discourage people from returning. You should give them detailed, accurate information about each product. Because they can not check the product, we do offline shopping, only the information you will provide will be helpful to them for visualizing the product.

Therefore, give correct information and, if possible, provide images from different angles.

Designing of the Shopping Cart

Designing a shopping cart is often not given much importance and effort by many developers. To provide a good shopping cart design, the user should be able to easily add items, remove products, and edit orders easily. A good shopping cart also has functional product images, similar product recommendations, a convenient search bar, order summary, continued shopping options and reviews.

Responsive Design

A responsive website can be operated using any laptop, computer, mobile or tablet device. The number of people using mobile devices has increased. Most of the customers don’t have laptop so, customers frequently use smartphones to browse Ecommerce Website. Make sure your website is optimized for mobile devices while creating it because a pleasant user experience is essential regardless of the device used. You can utilise reliable tools, like Episerver CMS, which applies a responsive design automatically.

From navigation to payment and checkout, a good, responsive design seeks to give mobile users a positive experience on your site.


A secure e-commerce website should support SSL to encrypt data. E-commerce websites manage consumer information, including phone numbers, email addresses, payment information and credit card data. Your clients believe that all of their data will be secure when making an online purchase. Using SSL for your website is an effective way to ensure data security, which offers customers the confidence to keep making purchases from your website.

Don’t keep credit card information in your server’s database. Even the most robust security measures can be broken, which puts your customers at serious risk.

Optimize Performance

Slow websites resist the customers from doing something on your website. This is true for smartphone users easily shift to some of the different work when your website is slow. A fast website takes around four to five seconds to load a page.

Therefore make sure that your website is optimized in these ways:-

  • To build interaction with your site put CSS and JavaScript resource files together.
  • Compress images in small size to get the quality visuals in your website.This takes less time to download.
  • Using caching will reduce the time it takes to send data from the database to the web server.

Help Support and Contact information

Make sure you should provide support services to your ecommerce customer only in a text,call, live chat or email away. There should be someone 24*7 to provide help to customer facing problems in your ecommerce website. Customer love those places where they are being valued and given support when they need help. Customer support is one of the most important feature which helps in earning loyal customers. Modern technology allows you to connect your website with live chat applications to support your customers.

So, Ensure that your ecommerce website has 24*7 customer support.

Payment options

Your website should make it easy for your clients to accept a variety of online payment options. MasterCard and Visa shouldn’t be the only payment options; there should also be PayPal, Google Pay, Amazon Pay, American Express, Apple Pay, Stripe, and Visa Checkout provided. If your website is limited to a few payment methods, you will only be able to attract a limited number of customers. Raise your payment options to increase sales.

Smoothly Checkout

Make sure that consumers can check out rapidly and privately using the guest option. The procedure ought to be as simple as feasible. Repeat purchases are avoided if the procedure is complicated and time-consuming. Reduce the amount of checkout pages as much as you can to prevent confusing your customers.

Outstanding Site Search

The majority of buyers use the search engines to find the things they require. So, make sure the autocomplete option of your search functionality is functional. Customers benefit from faceted search because they may use information like price range, size, or manufacturer to find what they want.

Magento Migration


Building an e-commerce website is a time-consuming and sometimes expensive task. You must choose qualified developers or Online eCommerce development company that can assist you in creating an effective website. At Ascure technologies, we have experienced developer as well as we are a company of Ecommerce development. To gauge our level of experience, you can ask for examples of previous sites we’ve worked on. You will receive a finished product that is safe, supports a variety of payment options, is simple to use and has a functioning shopping cart from our end.

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