Everything you need to know about Craft CMS

What is Craft CMS


Introduction to Craft

The craft word itself sounds like something related to Creatively Crafted. It is a content management system which is already crafted and contains a lot of feature in it. Read this blog to get a brief overview of Craft.

What is Craft CMS?

The craft was a Content Management System established by Pixel & Tonic in 2013. Craft CMS is a substitute for WordPress for developers who want profound control and more robust performance from their Content management system. This software application CMS allows users to manage the creation and modification of their digital Content. The software can be used for small websites, but it shines when used with large, multilayered, interrelated content sites.

This is also beneficial for the developers and Content authors to expand their services to clients.

What are the Characteristics of Craft CMS?

1.Simple and organized design

Custom fields

Based on the particular requirements of your Content, you can create custom fields and select an appropriate built-in or plug-in for your field categories.

Section types

According to your use case, you can manage your entries under three different sections.


Craft’s relationship system allows you to relate entries, tags, assets, categories, users, and plugin-supplied elements.

2.Categories and Tags


Just from a single craft installation, you can manage the Content for multiple websites.


To target specific languages and territories, you can localize all your website Content.


The Matrix field allows you to manage multiple content types in one section and create repeating and mixed content types.

Entry Types

You can drive multiple type of Content under entry types.


You can take form builder plugins for your website, which are available in the plug-in store.

3.Easy Site Management

Live preview

In the live preview feature of Craft CMS, you can see how Content will actually look on your website with the live preview option and share your draft with others using private preview URLs.

Asset Management

Through Craft’s built-in asset manager, you can define volumes and subfolders and view folders and files in list and thumbnail formats.

4.Image Editor

User Management

A user group can be easily created, permissions can be set, and public user registration can be enabled.


All users can have their own Customizable dashboards. You can also operate your site from tablets or smartphones as its dashboard is fully android or IOS responsive.

One-click update

Whenever the new update comes in Craft, you can just update it by doing one click.

5.Create and Manage an Ecommerce Store

Tight Integration

Under the control panel, you can manage your products and the remaining website’s Content.

Custom order Fields

By normally adding custom fields to your orders, you can track the information of the order.

Order Management

You can keep an eye on the in-progress carts and Completed orders and set custom order statuses.

Products and Variants

You can create a particular section for similar products, which makes it easier for the customers to shop.


You can keep an eye on the sign-up for subscription status made by your customer and track their subscription status.

Taxes and shipping

Through Craft, you can set tax rules and shipping methods.


  • Plug-in store
  • Debug Toolbar
  • Templating


To guide users in operating CMS, they have an informative set of documentation which provides a better experience with products.

8.Craft’s template system is powered by twig

To create layout-based templates, reusable macros, template short tags, template logic, and function twig permits users Craft’s integration.


  • Solo
  • Pro
  • Enterprises Plan

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As you can see, Craft CMS provides you with a number of very excellent features. It has so much to offer, and this will only grow over time. It will only get better from here because updates are being released every week!

We are eager to keep working on Craft CMS for the foreseeable future so that we can provide all of our clients with the fantastic capabilities that Craft can provide.

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