9 Tips To Maintain Your Magento Website

Maintain Magento website

Nowadays, building a website or revenue-generating eCommerce store seems super easy as a number of website building software are available in the market with drag-&-drop features

So do many business owners have built their eCommerce website with Magento software functionality, as it is simple, code-free, and requires minimal technical expertise.

However, it is hard to maintain the website, impeding business and sales growth as expected. To achieve the sale’s goals and objectives, Magento website owners must regularly pay attention to maintaining their eCommerce website.

One can have a healthy and high-paying eCommerce website when they keep complete maintenance, from in and out, of their website.

This blog will tell you the most important tips that every Magento Website Owner should follow to maintain their Magento website effectively

So let’s start!

9 Must-Follow Maintenance Tips To Build A Healthy Magento Website

Make a checklist of these points as you go through them in your diary. It will help you to regularly keep a record of your Magento website maintenance effectively.

#1 Keep Your Magento Updated With Latest Version

Magento is continuously evolving into its best ability to offer its users high-performing eCommerce websites as a top CMS platform. Every upgraded version comes up with better features and functionalities that help retailers make the finest and smoothly accessible online store.

Make sure you always keep your Magento website updated with the latest version. Magento Commerce 2.3.4 is upgraded with the latest version, v2.3.4, which you download from the Github or tech resource page of the Magento website.

The major benefit of upgrading your Magento website is it will improve the website performance, keep the database safe and secure with every new version.

#2 Improve Loading Time Of Your Magento Website

The speed or loading time of your website can bring more traffic or might take them away forever. People only love to explore those websites that open instantly with an eye blink. If your website takes more than five seconds to load, then for sure, your audience will immediately exit from your website.

From time to time, keep watch on your website loading speed, check how much time images your inventory takes to upload, and fluctuations come with every update on your Magento website.

#3 Only Install Plugins That Are Required

Unnecessarily adding features to your Magento website hamper the quality of your website. Not all the plugins are useful and create glitches in your website performance.

Installing plugins increase the chance of threats and create loopholes in the website that hackers are looking for. Plugins take access to your website, allowing hackers or spammers to go into your website, steal the data, and damage your website.

Only activate those plugins required and drive value to your website, any plugin that is not of much use for your website should remove them right away.

#4 Manage Magento Extensions Timely

Magento provides various extensions to add features and functionality to their CMS platform. With these extensions, website builders can create a smooth and beautiful interface for their eCommerce store. However, these extensions may also invite unexpected threats that may cause loss to your online store.

Ensure you are using the updated version of all the extensions; otherwise, it will hamper your Magento website’s speed, functions, and many more features

Your Magento website maintenance checklist must include regular updates of all the extensions on a timely basis to maintain your website performance’s optimal functioning.

#5 Choose Trusted Server Provider

A reputed hosting provider is what you need for high performing eCommerce website. Choose a hosting service that renders 24/7 best server performance, informs you immediately of upgrades & significant threats, supports smooth banking transactions, etc.

All these issues are major concerns for hosting an eCommerce website. Your website building software should also be integrated with a trusted hosting service provider that is competent to resolve all server and hosting-related problems.

#6 Maintain Magento Coding Standards

Make sure that you or your Magento website developer must follow Magento Coding Standard. It will ensure that your website faces fewer issues and your website developers have to focus less on bugs.

Some of the coding standards that Magento follows – PHP, Java, code demarcation standard, jQuery, DocBlock, HTML, and LESS Coding Standards.

Whenever your website gets into trouble, check whether your website is following Magento Code Standards or not. Instead of making efforts on other things, keep watch on coding and build your website around standard coding only.

#7 Regularly Maintain Magento Website Database

The database contains all the backup of your website content safe; if your website is going through a renovation, it will help you retrieve all the data completely and securely.

Keep all the Magento website data stored in a database and watch it frequently so that you will know before any mishappening.

It is important to re-index and update the database regularly to maintain every information you collect daily.

The database maintains all the information of your customers and other relevant data associated with your website.

#8 Check Your Magento Website Security System

Website protection is the major concern for maintaining the security of your Magento website. You are playing with high risk with all your data and information if the security system is not properly taken care of.

The vast majority of security experts say that website owner should periodically audit their website and its security simultaneously. It will maintain all the data secure and reduce the threat of mugging.

Check your Magento security frequently and upgrade your website every time the latest version comes, as it will come with stronger security. Make sure to install patches while updating the latest version of Magento.

#9 Hire Reliable Magento Service Provider

It is for sure that one man cannot handle everything. You need a team that helps you manage the work. As an entrepreneur, you may not have enough time, budget, or Magento Specialised Team to handle your eCommerce website.

Hence to successfully manage and run an eCommerce platform, you are required to hire a third-party service provider who is reliable, authentic, trustworthy, and pocket-friendly, offering you the best solutions in one place

Compare the quotes, solutions within the package, and their customer support system. Check reviews and ratings before hiring any Magento Service Provider.

Over To You

Magento is one of the best eCommerce website builders globally, with incredible features and functionality that make the website solution effective.

As you regularly upload inventory, make sales, and continuously increase traffic on your website, it becomes highly important for you to maintain your Magento website.

These are some of the important areas where you have to keep frequent watch to get your team heads up before any threat appears and ruins your business plans.

Ensure you comply with all the mandatory follow-ups for your Magento website. And most importantly, choose the right Magento Service Provider; they are the ones who can resolve your every website maintenance-related problem and offer you a smooth-running website with all amenities.

So for what you are waiting for yet, start to follow these nine rules to maintain a healthy and powerful eCommerce website with Magento website builder.

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