Magento 2.3.5 Release: Upgrades, Fixes, & Other Highlights

Magento 2.3.5

Most Magento developers look forward to the next update in 2020 after releasing Magento2.3.4, and the good news for all Magento users is here-Magento 2.3.5 was released officially by MagentoInc on April 28th, 2020.

Are you keen to hear about Magento 2 version upgrade? Here we will present the new patch, highlights, and improvements that were introduced with this update. According to Magento’s release note 2.3.5, this update includes more than 180 functional updates to the core product, as well as more than 25 security enhancements. Magento has solved 46 issues reported by enriching community members, including community members of GitHub, developers, and agencies. We need to hire Magento 2 developers who are doing great towards providing more user-friendly CMS and hence it is a good idea to upgrade from Magento 2.3.X version to the 2.3.5 version to get more improved features.

Here are some features and performance improvements in Magento 2.3.5 release –

New Security-only patch release 

The merchants can install time-sensitive security fixes without multiple function fixes with the help of the New Security-Only Patch.

Security enhancements 

The upgraded edition of Magento 2.3.5 contains more than 25 security corrections that will help with RCE and XSS vulnerabilities. In this update, there are two additional changes to the security content policy (CSP) and the removal of session-id from URLs.

Significant upgrades in the platform

To upgrade website security and PCI stability Magento has made the following enhancements.

Elasticsearch support 7.5: Elasticsearch also supports the Magento Commerce and Magento Open Source catalog search engine.

Deprecation of 3rd party payment integration: integration of payment from third parties, including Authorize. Net, eWay, CyberSource, and Worldpay, is deprecated in this release. Because of this depreciation, Magento recommends that Magento Marketplace official extensions for alternatives be added.

Improved components for Symfony

Signifyd fraud Security code: No longer supports this core feature. Owners will move to the extension of Substantial Fraud and Chargeback Security.

Improved Infrastructure

Magento has strengthened core quality fixes to update the frameworks and components of the platform including catalogs, sales, PayPal, Elasticsearch, Import, CMS, and B2B.

Boost in Performance 

To achieve the following performance enhancements, Magento upgraded the Magento 2.3.5.

Improving Customer Data Invalidation Logic: This Magento 2 version upgrade implemented a new method for disabling all customer data that ignore a known logic storage problem while invalidating section.xml.

Number of Redis Efficiency Optimizations

Improved Merchant tools 

Enhancements in Inventory Management – The following changes were included in this release to enhance inventory management efficiency.

New bulk checkout and cart authentication APIs have been added.

Ability to view the inventory sources assigned to the list of orders.

SourceDataProvider and StockDataProvider have a special extension point.

Improvements in Graphql

With this Magento edition, a merchant can collect information on the same items and the same categories that were introduced for an online campaign with products and category list queries.

Improvements in PWA STUDIO 

PWA Studio 6.0.0 contains both new features and functionality enhancements.

Launch the PWA Extensibility Framework-This Framework allows developers to build an API for their storage or write plug-ins, which can tap into the APIs and modify the storage logic.

Enhancements to caching and data fetching- This update includes enhanced caching and other data fetching enhancements in the library of Peregrine and Venia UI modules.


This release includes the following –

The new integration platform for B2B combines Engagement Cloud and Magento B2B, which allows Magento B2B dealers to take advantage of their B2B trade data and engage more with their prospective or current customers. This release covers Engagement Cloud Integration and Magento B2B.

Improved performance of the importer and resend coupon code.

Google shopping Ads channel 

The bundled Google shopping ads updates are stopped, but an alternative to these more extensions is available on the Magento marketplace below:

Migrate directly to Google Merchant Center and Google ads for your catalog and Google campaigns.

Magento Marketplace has several new additions to suit the requirements. In addition to this fantastic functionality, Magento 2.3.5 has updates to Klarna, Yato, and Vertex for instance, for the development of the vendor-developed extension. These extensions are built by third-party suppliers with quality improvements and UX.

Hence, with the above list of the major improvements made by the Magento 2 version upgrade in this release, it is recommended for all the users with Magento 2.3.x version to upgrade to Magento 2.3.5 version. We strongly encourage all merchants to update as soon as possible. This patch provides a lot of fixes to merchants with earlier versions of 2.3.x.

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