How To Choose The Best Technology Stack for eCommerce Website Development?

Best Technology Stack for eCommerce Website Development


Table of Contents

1. Introduction
2. What is Technology Stack?
3. Technology stack for eCommerce Development
4. Major part of this working system

As eCommerce solutions have their own features and needed special frameworks and tools to develop. Luckily, there are a lot of technologies for developing eCommerce software.

What is a Tech stack?

Technology stack is a Combination of frameworks, tools, applications, platforms and programming languages which is used to build a website or mobile application. Technology stack is also known as Solution Tech.

Tech stack Example

The facebook is composed from a combination of coding frameworks and Languages like JavaScript, HTML, CSS, PHP, and ReactJS. So, this comes under the facebook tech stack. Every ecommerce tech stack uses different kinds of coding frameworks and  Languages. Mostly they uses  popular tech stacks.

The two main parts of this Ecosystem are:-

  • The front end (Client Facing)
  • The back end (Server-facing)

Below is the detailed explanation of the tech stack ecosystem for the better understanding.

Technology stack for ecommerce Development

To develop any kind of ecommerce website or mobile application development you have to choose a technology stack.

Front end ecommerce technologies

In web and app development, the front end is always client facing suite of tech tools. Mostly, there are three main front end technologies and they are named as:-

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Top Front End Development Tools

HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language)

HTML stands for Hyper Text Markup Language, Which is standard language used for designing documents that are shown in web browser.

Java Script

Mostly accepted front end programming language, java script is used for doing interactivity into static HTML pages. JS libraries which are used in front end development are React, Angular, Vue and jQuery.

CSS (Cascading Style Sheets)

As a style sheet language, CSS helps describe how a document written in a markup language like HTML is presented. Similar to HTML and JavaScript, CSS is an essential Web technology.


Vue.js is a progressive open-source JS framework that facilitates in creating single-page apps and web user interfaces. It works great for creating simple eCommerce websites too.


Node.js, an open-source runtime environment, enables the creation of JS-based front- and back-end solutions. There are many benefits to Node.js development for eCommerce systems.


A front-end framework called Angular is used to create dynamic desktop, web, and mobile applications. It is regarded as a reliable and comprehensive solution created and maintained by Google. For the creation of eCommerce websites, big brands favour Angular.js development services.


React.js, one of the well-known JS frameworks, aids in creating interactive parts for websites. Additionally, it is utilised in the creation of software and for online stores.


SCSS, LESS and SASS are the basic ones for Client facing Development.


Back end Ecommerce Technologies

Back end Ecommerce Technologies are server facing part of the technology. They are intangible which can’t be seen. Only its working will be shown through front end workings.

For better understanding let’s go with a example:-

Suppose you and your friend are sitting in dinning table. You ask her to pass the salt. What you see is your friend passing salt to you because she heard it from her ears and by her eye she saw salt and passed it to you. This all comes under front end things. What you didn’t see is how the sound waves transferred via neurons to the brain. The brain got a electrical message through neuron and ordered to hand for lifting salt and passing it to her. Between this whole process heart is pumping, lungs are exchanging gases but still while doing these activities brain is allowing to pass the salt.

Now, I think you might got an idea about it.

Let’s discuss the main back end technologies in detail:-

Operating Systems

Selecting an operating system is the first decision to be made. Technology has four most important terms for non tech people.

Four Operating system brands are as following:-

  • Microsoft Windows
  • Google’s Android
  • Apple macOS 

Web Server

Web servers are software programs that accept user requests, process them, and then return the required content to the user. Apache and Nginx are two popular open source and cost-free web servers.
Apache is found nine years earlier as comparison to Nginx. Apache is more tested system as it was found in the year 1995. But still Ngnix is getting more popularity among the developers because of it’s Architecture which is different from Apache and allows users to process an unlimited number of requests at a time, making it a perfect server for high volume websites.


Databases are very important part of the back ecosystem, which allows you to maintain and process a lot of data points.

Some of the famous databases are:-

  • MongoDB
  • MySQL
  • PostgreSQL
  • Firebase database by Google
  • DynamoDB by Amazon.


The most famous storage solution are:-

  • Firebase Storage by Google.
  • AWS S3 Amazon Simple Storage Solution

Programming Language

To command a computer to do whatever is desired  programming languages uses different syntax. Following are some of the programming languages that is used in a website tech stack with their frameworks.

  • Java (Spring)
  • Scala(Play)
  • PHP (Laravel)
  • Python (Django, Pylons, Flask)
  • Ruby (Ruby on Rails)


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