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COVID-19 and the Pandemic stayed too long with us, which became a never-ending chapter in life; next to next, it expanded. Therefore people got work from home, which made people bored and lazy in their lifestyle. During the time of the Covid pandemic, worldwide people were so depressed, and there was no fun in the life of people.

Many ways exist to remove the boredom feeling and fill it with energy. As everybody was surfing social media websites to get updates from relatives, friends, and family after that, it made us dull at some point in time.

So, here we are introducing you to some of the funny websites that will make you feel interested and energized.

Keep scrolling till the end, so you might find any websites interesting.

1. Find the Invisible Cow

You must turn on your device’s audio before playing the game “Find the invisible cow”. As your game starts, you must keep dragging your mouse all over the screen to find out the cow hidden on the screen.

Click below to visit the website:-


2. Map Crunch

It’s a website that lets users virtually go to random locations worldwide. Simply pressing the “Go” button will bring up a random Street View from somewhere in the world. You can pick the nations you desire from the list in the “Options” window.

Click below to visit the website:-


3. The Useless Web

It is a carefully organized collection of some of the most useless websites ever created. There will be a big button on the website that you need to click. You will then arrive at one of the many websites, some of which you may already know, and some may be new to you.

Click below to visit the website:-


4. Hacker Type

If you want to become a temporary hacker for fun, just as you see in pop culture and movies, you can go with this website with just a few clicks on the keyboard. You will become a temporary hacker.

Click below to visit the website:-


5. Giphy

It provides social media platforms for messaging that let users include animated GIF images in their messages and posts.

Click below to visit the website:-


6. Paper Toilet

A toilet paper roll that wraps and undoes as the guest scrolls up and down is displayed on this Paper Toilet, the single-serving website.

Click below to visit the website:-


7. Bees Bees Bees!

It is a type of best time-wasting website which creates gifs of Oprah shouting and cheering while the bees fly into the audience.

Click below to visit the website:-


8. Pointer Pointer

The person is clicking the website to open it needs to move their cursor to a point on the screen as per wish. Once the Pointer gets stable, an image occurs of a person pointing at the Pointer.

Click below to visit the website:-


9. Scream into the void

On this website, you can express your feeling, hit the scream button, and find your words being zoomed in along with a screaming voice.

Click below to visit the website:-


10. Staggering Beauty

Staggering Beauty is a time-pass website suitable for those who do not frequently experience epileptic seizures. It has a wiggly worm that moves when you shake your mouse forcefully.

Click below to visit the website:-


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11. Way back Machine

You can take a small glimpse at some of the websites you like from the moment they start until they get a new look (how it appears today). This website will display some screenshots of that website from that particular date once you enter a URL and choose a date.

Click below to visit the website:-


12. Shady URL

It is a free internet tool that shortens your URL into an untrustworthy and suspicious one. Your URL will appear to go to a fake link or computer virus.

Click below to visit the website:-


13. Shut Up and Take My Money

This website sells various products such as kitchens, gaming, clothing, geeky, wine, and more. It is an Amazon Partner that delivers the best quality online products.

Click below to visit the website:-


14. Drive me Insane

Visitors to this page are free to use home automation for their enjoyment. All you have to do is switch on your lights, play around with the sign, and see the results.

Click below to visit the website:-


15. Freerice

It is a website and a mobile app that allows players to donate rice to families who are required rice to eat by playing a multiple choices question game.

Click below to visit the website:-


16. Lizard Point

Lizard Point is the funniest website, and this is a free, entertaining, and interactive map quiz helps people learn about their surroundings. You may learn about states, countries, geographical features, cities, and more by taking a lot of quizzes with maps.

Click below to visit the website:-


17. Radio garden

Gently rotating the globe enables users to listen to thousands of live radio stations worldwide. You only need to tap on the green dot representing a town or city to start listening to the radio stations broadcasting from that location.

Click below to visit the website:-


18. 29a.ch

This is the best choice when someone feels and says take me to the funniest website. This website allows the user to have fun by painting colourful cosmos, choose any colour you want and feel relaxed.

Click below to visit the website:-


19. Eyebleach

A popular website, eye bleach, will assist soothe and relaxing your mind from an unexpected visual stimulus. You can choose any category as per your choice.

Click below to visit the website:-


20. Pokemon Showdown

You can play this online Pokemon fight simulator with pre-made teams or one you create yourself. It’s one of the best methods to bring back fond memories from your childhood.

Click below to visit the website:-


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