Why Is Magento Best Choice For Ecommerce Store Development?

Now more than ever, online marketing is continuously booming, which increases the importance of building an eCommerce website for brands and businesses. When it comes to e-commerce websites, business owners want them to be user-friendly, interactive, and easy to use for their customers.

But another important thing that matters while building an eCommerce website is that it should be scalable, manageable, and flexible to business owners.

If you are one who likes to have an eCommerce website, choosing the right website building is the most crucial element for a remarkable website.

Hence, Magento is the website building platform that comes in the first place to build a robust eCommerce website. But why is Magento the best choice for you to build your eCommerce store?

Magento offers you unbeatable features that are not available with the other platforms to build your own full-fledged and high-end online store.

Here below are some of the features and functionalities of Magento, which will help you get a better understanding and make a better choice for your e-commerce store development.

Why Choose Magento For eCommerce Store Development?

Free Open Source Platform

To start with, why you prefer Magento as your eCommerce store development platform is that it is a free and open-source eCommerce platform that is available for everyone. You can easily download and install the Magento platform with the ease of step-by-step eCommerce website building procedure.

Without paying any licensing fees, you will get access to build your full-fledged website with ease. As an open-source platform, Magento is based on PHP that developers can customize your website without any hustle and can build your online store in the way you want.

Besides this, Magento also offers a wide range of free extensions that will allow you to design your online store in your desired way without any technical issues.

Storehouse Of Features

Magento is a storehouse of a wide range of features that will solve your every eCommerce website development problem. With these features, you are able to design, define, and frame a high-end website without much struggling. These features are suitable for every kind of business. Also, you can easily find the features that you are looking for with an advanced search option, hence make your work easier.

Choose Hosting By Your Own

This is one of the big reasons why so many brands and businesses choose Magento as their eCommerce website building platform. You are not restricted to app in-house hosting, but the users are free to choose their website hosting as per their requirements, giving freedom to users to choose to host that perfectly fits their needs.

Multiple Themes & Designs

You will get various interactive and compelling themes and layout designs so that you can make an attractive, beautiful, and exceptional website. With that, these themes and designs are developers-friendly and easily editable so that developers can make changes as per requirements.

Vast Community Of Magento Experts

Magento has a vast community of developers, designers, experts, professionals, and others that help you get support at any point where you are struggling. Connecting with the Magento Support Community, you can easily get updated for the latest information, important guidance, and any other support related to technicalities. At any time, you can easily access this support community and get in touch with the Magento experts to resolve your problems for a smooth-running eCommerce platform.

Affordable Pricing Plan

eCommerce website development is majorly dependent on the budget, every business wants to get it economical as much as possible. Magento is one of the great options for business owners looking for affordable and budget-friendly website solutions for their business than any other platform. Why? Magento is a cloud-based hosting platform that provides low cost website maintenance, hosting, and monitoring for your eCommerce platform. You will get multiple features, functionalities, themes, monitoring, and devices at affordable pricing plans. Also, the prices are based on the Magento version you are choosing, features are utilizing, and at what location you are hosting your Magento eCommerce website platform.

Responsive Website Design

For having a smooth and high-end eCommerce website, responsiveness is the most crucial factor that one must focus upon. It helps your customers to open and operate your online store on any device easily. Your customers can access your website through a laptop, mobile phones, tablets, and any other digital device. As 60% of the online shoppers like to use mobile devices to purchase online, thus having a responsive design of your eCommerce store should be a win-win for your online store. Magento provides HTML5 functionality, which helps in adjusting the image, infographics, layout designs, or graphics size according to the screen type and also supports other content types like the video for every device.

Multiple Payment Options

Whatever features, functionalities, designs, etc., you add to your website is all done by keeping customers in concerns. The same applies to having payment options on your eCommerce website. Providing your customers with a wide range of payment methods will encourage them to make smooth purchases from your website. Some popular and extensively used online payment methods are PayPal, Google Pay, Amazon Pay, bank transfers, and COD(cash on delivery) or POD(pay on delivery). Make sure that you provide your customers with a variety of payment options, it will help your customers to securely, happily, and deliberately make purchases from your online store without having a second thought.

Easy Third-Party Integration

One best parts of using the Magento platform is that you can easily integrate with third-party tools, applications, or services to offer the best user experience. With Magento, you can integrate with a wide number of third-party tools to enhance the services of your online store. These third-party integrations can vary from payment gateways, security & protection, checkout applications, order tracking applications, shipping, database system, timer, etc. Moreover, Magento also offers some self-integrated Google-based third-party tools like Google Analytics, Google Base, and Google Checkout, which increase the website performance tracking and analysis frequently.

Smooth Website Management

Management of your website is another crucial factor for your website. Mostly it is hard for business owners or merchants to keep track of the website as it requires critical technical knowledge and other analytical skills. Most of the eCommerce websites have intricate structure and overall development that makes it hard to manage by owners themselves, and they require the help of expert professionals. However, as you can integrate with various other tools, you can comprehend the performance of your website and easily keep a check on the website performance in simpler and comprehensive website reports.

Offer SEO-friendly Website

With Magento, you can build an SEO-friendly eCommerce website that is easily found and comprehend by search robots. Unlike other eCommerce platforms, Magento offers you the advantage of an SEO-friendly website. You are able to add sitemaps, page titles, and meta tags, meta descriptions, effective URL structures, optimized web pages, etc. You can also integrate SEO plugins into your website that help you easily rank your eCommerce on top results of the search engine first page. With the help of these SEO tools, you can easily make your website SEO-friendly and crawlable to search engine bots.

Anytime Customer Support Service

Magento, the largest and oldest eCommerce platform, is not only popular for its wide, extensive, and high-end features, but it is also known for its customer support services. Magento users can reach the support team at any time and get instant support from the Magento team.

Your team of developers and Magento website builders can reach the Magento Support team through Live Chat, Emails, contact forms, and even make a call with Magento technical staff for instant support. Also, Magento allows its users to create user profiles so that they can add their expertise and get help time-to-time support emails, updates, etc., from the Magento team. Moreover, you will also get discounts, coupons, festive offers, exclusive sales features, etc., based on the history of your orders and usability on the Magento platform.

High Flexible Security Services

Security is the major concern of eCommerce website owners, whether it is about their customer’s safety or about their database. Magento provides its users with a secured and optimum website safety solution.

Magento is based on PHP code, which offers high-end security for the website and reduces external threats that might damage your website. Moreover, you can also integrate with the third-party security tools that help you manage extensive website security.

You are able to keep your website safe from the risk of customer database stealing, damages by hackers, secured payment details, authenticate users’ login, and PCI standards to maintain the Magento website data security.

Wrapping Up!

No matter if you are building a small eCommerce store or a larger one in competition with other large e-commerce giants on the internet, Magento is the best choice for business owners to have a solid online presence.

Magento offers users a wide variety of features and functionalities that help you make a high-end, advanced, and super smooth running eCommerce website for a better customer experience.

With that, you also get a low-cost, and affordable website solution compares to other platforms, which makes it the best choice for business owners looking for an online presence.

If you are looking for more details and support to build your online store using the Magento store, then reach our Ascure team. We provide full-fledged Magento development with a highly technical and professional team. We also help you get the best CMS customization, catalog management, target audience, make an attractive website, and offer a powerful customer experience throughout your website. So if you need help, don’t forget to reach us any time!

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