How GA4 Extension Works using GTM In Magento 2?

Google Analytics 4 (GA4) Extension For Magento E-commerce setup Using GTM


Magento 2 Google Analytics 4 (GA4)

Universal Analytics has got a big update in the form of GA4. Around one year ago it got released and completely changed. Google has given up on processing data under Universal Analytics which is GA4. So, the website owners have Websites in Magento it’s time to set up Magento 2 GA4. For those Business owners and marketers who are not crazy about the switch, change is always hard but this change is going to be crazy. This will make it easy for startups by providing tons of data and more customizable where you can track what is beneficial & favourable to you not preference as per Google

The great News for people using Ascure GA4 extension for Enhanced E-commerce Tracking is that you can connect with GA4 in very less time. We only need you to download the latest version of our extension and import the GA4 JSON provided in your existing GTM account. Now GA4 can be operated independently.

Are you also looking to get quality data for your online store to make an effective decision? If your answer is yes then Take full leverage of rich data tracking & report features of GA4 for your store by using GTM as it makes the seamless integration with its feature of viewing items, add-to-cart, begin checkout, purchase and more. Google Tag Manager allows you to connect Google Analytics with Magento 2 store. This blog post will allow you to use an extension and implement a data layer to your website using guide provided by google for GA4

What is Google Analytics 4?

It is the web tracking tool used with Google Tag Manager for E-commerce Stores used for future prediction. Earlier Universal Analytics and Google Analytics were different Now it has become a complete one. As compared to the older version the New GA4 will use better and more appropriate data tracking by its event-based tracking model. It has the capacity of data tracking for both web as well as applications. GA4 is also Concerned about the customers’ privacy it comes with the latest privacy laws such as General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA).

Features of Magento 2 Google Analytics 4 using Google Tag Manager Extension

Google Analytics 4 (GA4) Extension For Enhanced eCommerce Tracking Using GTM

1. It can Monitor impressions and clicks for products based on their location on Category pages.

2. It can Identify product impressions & clicks by position on Search Result Pages.

3. It Keeps Track of product impression & clicks by position in Related, Up-Sell and Cross-sell selections.

4. Analyze the number of times a product was added, removed from the cart, Wishlist and Compared.

5. Calculate the number of times a product was included in the checkout process.

6. It can even track the individual steps of the checkout process such as Billing Address, Shipping Address, Payment options and Shipping options.

7. It can track the coupon usage, product brand tag and refunds used by the customer.

8. It can check the child and parent products which are compatible with the product variants and custom options.

9. It also can track the order which is successfully placed via custom order success page URLs.

10. It can Check the purchase with/without shipping fees and tax.

11. Multi-currency purchases & multiple stores are supported by Magento 2 GA4 extension.

12. It has persistent data management

13. It is fully compatible with Varnish & Full Page Cache.

14. GA4 Include or Exclude tracking order with zero subtotal.

Know the working of Magento 2 GA4 Extension

Magento 2 Google Analytics 4  implementation can be completed in less than 30 minutes with Ascure’s GA4 module.

For Quick Integration of Magento 2 GA4 via GTM

Ascure’s GA4 module for Magento 2 works with Google Tag Manager. You need to just enable this extension from Backend and enter the GTM JS & non-JS codes. This will apply the Google Tag Manager code to all of the pages in your Magento 2 shop, allowing you to track user data throughout the whole site. The module also works with the GTM API to transmit events via HTTP requests.

Backend Options are Fully Customizable

In Backend extensions, you can place the product identifier with Magento 2 and enable product brand & variant tracking. It is used to calculate the order success page total from the subtotal and grand total. This extension can be configured to exclude and include tax from shipping from the transaction, in defining a custom order success page URL, exclude zero value orders and configure tracking for parent-child products.

The Entire Customer Journey Tracking

Google Analytics tracks the entire customer journey as it uses an event-based tracking mode. It is helpful in providing a view to the behavior of customers from both websites as well as App data. Our extension supports tracking the journey of customers with the store till where they reach to get out from checkout.

Auto- Generate JSON for GTM Tags & Events

Ascure’s GA4 with GTM support Magento 2 Extension creates a JSON file containing the GTM tags and events with a single click. It doesn’t require any manual effort as it enables the easy creation of Ecommerce tracking events in GA4.

Know the Reason behind connecting Magento 2 With GA4?

Universal Analytics is to be shut down soon and will stop processing by the end of June. GA4

To Track Each Activity

Google Analytics 4 introduces an event-based model for precise tracking which is much more robust and Flexible in comparison to Universal Analytics. Every small interaction, impression or action is calculated as an event in GA4. This helps in unlocking the chance to track specific interactions of the user with websites as well as Applications.

To Take the Better Business Decisions

Google has shed more light on the user experience in the latest version of its analytics tool. Earlier Universal Analytics only allowed page views for measuring the user activities. In GA4, you can track Page Views, Scrolls, Outbound Clicks, Site Searches, Video Engagement, File Downloads, and Form Interactions much better. This metric allows marketers and business owners to understand user behaviour and make better decisions to improve user experiences.

Predictive Metrics for Business Success

AI and machine learning (ML) capabilities fuel the all-new Google Analytics 4 (GA4) platform. Based on historical data, it provides predictive indicators for estimating future sales and revenue. You can constantly remain ahead of market demand and increase the overall effectiveness of your business operations by leveraging such predictive data for your Magento 2 shop.

Web + App Tracking in One Property

Universal Analytics, an early version of Google Analytics, requires distinct parameters for both online and app. In Google Analytics 4, they have been merged into a single property. The platform enables data tracking and reporting from many data streams, including the web and Android and iOS apps. Switching from UA to GA4 eliminates the need to build several properties for different data sources and provides a more comprehensive view of your organization.

How to Setup Google Analytics 4 for Magento Website and Application?

There are two setup processes because Google Analytics 4 Can be used for your website and Application, both.

The step-by-step guide is mentioned below:- Alongside an existing property.

Step:- 1  In Google Analytics, Click “Admin” on the left side of the screen.

Step:- 2 In the Option of account, Choose the account you want to attach GA4.

Step:- 3  In the property Column, Choose the Universal Analytics property which currently gathers data for your website.

Step:- 4 In the same column, choose the GA4 setup assistant.

Step:- 5 Click on the blue button where “Get started” appears under “I want to create a new Google Analytics 4 Property”.

Step:-6 In case your site uses the gtag.jstag, you can select “Enable data collection using your existing tags”

Step:- 7 Click on the option “ Create Property”

In case you fail to enable the option “Enable data collection using your existing tags” it can be because of three reasons:-

The gtag.js tag is not currently supported by your website builder/CMS. You make use of Google Tag Manager. Analytics.js has been added to your website.

Important Ecommerce Tracking Events in GA4(H2)

add_payment_info a user submits their payment information
add_shipping_info a user submits their shipping information
add_to_cart a user adds items to cart
add_to_wishlist a user adds items to a wishlist
add_to_compare a user add items to compare
begin_checkout a user begins checkout
purchase a user completes a purchase
remove_from_cart a user removes items from a cart
select_item a user selects an item from a list
view_cart a user views their cart
view_item a user views an item
view_item_list a user sees a list of items/offerings
apply_coupon_code a user applies coupon code
remove_coupon_code a user removes coupon code
refund one or more items is refunded to a user

Ending Words

It’s your chance to install the Magento 2 Google Analytics 4 (GA4) using GTM discovered by Ascure Technologies and start leveraging the advantage of latest Google Analytics. Plan the migration as soon as possible from Magento 2 UA to GA4 and keep your Data safe before the sunsetting of Universal Analytics.

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