Easter Sale is Here || 30% off on E-commerce Development Services

30% off on Easter Day


Hurrah! A springtime party is in order.

This is the time to throw off your coat, sweater, socks, scarves, and caps and head towards the Easter sales offered by Ascure Technologies.

This year, Easter falls on April 9, 2023. With the huge savings, you can treat yourself to the Easter festival. Easter Sunday multiplies the joy of normal life in weekends as the hot weather arrives and the fragrance of fresh blooming flowers spreads.

What is Easter Day?

The main celebration among Christian feasts is Easter. Three days after his crucifixion death, Jesus rose from the dead, and this festival commemorates that event. This joyous holiday marks the conclusion of the Lenten season of fasting and repentance for the majority of Christian churches.

Why is Easter Day celebrated?

This is one of the central holidays for Christians. It is celebrated in honor of the revival of Jesus three days after his death by crucifixion.

How do Christians celebrate Easter?

Easter 2023 will be observed by Christians in the US and other countries with music, candles, flowers, and church bells. For the purpose of spreading their love and joy, people exchange Easter bunnies, chocolates, and eggs, among other things.

So that’s it for Easter and how Christians all over the world commemorate the holiday. Now we have came up with a new idea that people could also exchange the development of a website and a mobile application as gifts for the purpose of celebrating this festival.

This will help to increase their online presence and visibility.

Services Including this Easter 2023

The Easter Sale is giving 30% off on all services. Here is a list of services that will boost your online presence.

1. E-commerce Development Services

Ecommerce Development

Get your offline store transferred to your online store by e-commerce development. Redefine your shopping experience with Ascure Technologies ecommerce development services. We provide end-to-end cutting-edge mobile responsive websites. Our Developers have the capacity of accelerate your business by giving them a stunning design and conversion specific optimization

2. Web Designing Services

Web Designing

Design and maintain a beautiful company website with the help of our web design services. We are the professionals you can trust when it comes to logo design services. Hire us right away to gain access to expert designers who can assist you with creating a logo or HTML website. Our design experts will provide premium designs with distinctive features and usable functionality at affordable pricing. With our imaginative and captivating designs, you may improve your website’s traffic and exposure on search engines.

3. Web Development Services

Web Development Services

Would you want to fix your present website or create a new one from scratch? We are a premier web development company in India that can help you establish your brand and increase interest in your goods and services using a customer- and information-driven strategy. Modern platforms and technologies are used by our in-house master team to support your company’s goals and objectives such as Magento, Shopify

4. Mobile App Development Services

Mobile App Development

Nowadays, every small product and service can be benefited with the help of mobile applications. Every 8 out of 10 members have a personal mobile and spend 4-5 hours of day. So, being familiar with all these why to do late get your business mobile application to generate more revenue by increasing sales. Get Mobile Application to spread awareness of your brand.

5. Digital Marketing Services

Digital Marketing

The discipline of Marketing services and goods via various digital media is known as “Digital marketing.”
Digital marketing and internet marketing are other names for online marketing. In order to reach our target demographic online, a brand must be promoted. This is not only web-based and Social media marketing but also applies of text and multimedia messages as marketing channels for advertising.

6. Magento Development Services

Magento Development Services

India’s top-notch Magento certified developers are part of Ascuretech team. To avail of services such as migration, Community Edition, ERP integration, and Front end development. Get in touch with us immediately before the Easter offer ends.

7. Shopify Development Services

Shopify Development Services

Avail our Shopify development services and make a move from your brick and mortar stores to online Stores with Shopify. Shopify developers at Ascuretech hold enough potential to develop a user-friendly Shopify store.

8. Salesforce Development Services

Salesforce Services

Ascure Technologies Salesforce’s services are cutting-edge cloud solutions to digitally transform your company and strengthen customer connections across all the channels. Unlock the gap and build the relationship between your customer and business with Salesforce. Join with us and benefit from more seamless, data-driven, and responsive processes. Using Salesforce services by Ascure Technologies enables you to realize your full potential by increasing productivity and efficiency while also enhancing customer engagement and providing intelligent tools for designing apps.

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