Bootstrap v/s React

Bootstrap vs. React



Selecting the right framework is so challenging for the new start as it plays a vital role in brand loyalty and Customer retention.

If you are stuck between choosing Bootstrap and React, the two frontend technologies, then this blog post will take you out of this problem by giving a read to this.

What is Bootstrap?

Bootstrap was created by Jacob Thornton and Mark Otto and released on GitHub in August 2011 as an open-source project. The most popular CSS, HTML, and JavaScript framework for creating responsive and mobile-friendly websites is Bootstrap.

It costs nothing to use or download Bootstrap. It is often a frontend framework intended to facilitate quicker web development. The framework comes with a few design templates for tables, forms, typography, modals, buttons, navigation, and picture carousels that are based on CSS and HTML. The Bootstrap framework enables designers to create responsive designs using JavaScript plug-ins.

There are some of the well-known companies that use Bootstrap their names are Vogue, Lyft, Whatsapp, and Apple Maps.

Reason to use Bootstrap, and when should you use it?

More than 12 million Websites are Built using Bootstrap. Let’s Know the reasons why you should choose Bootstrap and which is the perfect time to look it up.

Rapid Development:

Any developer with a basic understanding of CSS or HTML may create a structure quickly in a very less time period.

Simple to Use:

Bootstrap primarily caters to beginners, unlike other frameworks created for specialists. So, anyone can improve their coding abilities to a professional level by using Bootstrap.

UI Components

Bootstrap provides a wide variety of UI components that are quite useful for developers.


The most important component of a website is responsiveness. By constructing responsive webpages, Bootstrap satisfies these requirements.

Grid System

For developers, Bootstrap’s grid system is the most favored and useful. The grid framework makes simple operations like column alignment, rowing, and numbering responsive for all screen sizes. As a result of Flexbox, it is responsive.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Bootstrap

The following are some of the advantages of Bootstrap:-

  • Very easy to learn for developers who know HTML and CSS to do rapid development.
  • It allows again to use of Compatible Design elements.
  • Bootstrap is Relevant to various different browsers.
  • It helps in developing a cross-platform user interface with responsiveness in structure and presentation.

The following are some of the Disadvantages of Bootstrap:-

  • Bootstrap gives all the projects the same look as it has pre-built styles. If you do not spend more time in creating something new look, it will look dull.
  • It lacks HTML adherence.
  • If you are designing your website with Bootstrap, you need to rewrite several style files, which may result to big Chaos.

What is React?

React was created by Jordan Walke in 2011 and is often said to as the ideal JavaScript library for user interface creation. Jordan was a software engineer at Facebook in the past. He created React to aid in the upkeep of Facebook’s newsfeed. Facebook still makes use of this library today, albeit with a different group of independent developers. React is commonly used as a foundation by users to build SPAs or mobile applications.

Reason to use React and When to use?

Have a Glance at some of the quick reason why to use React and which is the perfect time to use for fulfilling your business needs.

Form A Complex UI

One or more developers can merge all of the many UI components from a web page into a single entity to produce a complex user interface.

Loading Time

Reactjs is more effective in updating data on a web page, which results in quicker reloads. This makes using dynamic websites where the display data needs to update often viable. The virtual DOM function in Reactjs enables rapid changes.

Codes Are Simple To Troubleshoot

Because each element on a page is separate and can be modified without impacting the others, developers can be certain that the app’s other features will continue to work even when one element is altered.

It’s Simple to Create Custom Components

React makes use of the following technologies to enable developers to create their individual components:

Advantages and Disadvantages of React

The following are some of the Advantages of React:-

  • Due to the existence of components, we can quickly debug the program and reuse the code.
  • Dynamic web apps are developed with React.js.
  • It improves the efficiency and speed of the website.
  • React is used by both experienced programmers and beginners, which supports a thriving React.js community.

The following are some of the Disadvantages of React:-

  • Recurring updates.
  • It becomes more challenging for developers as code complexity rises. It’s a little tougher to grasp this rather than simple Javascript.
  • The view layer of the view, model, and controller architecture will receive all of the attention in a Reactjs application.

Bootstrap vs React Comparison

The following are given for your basic understanding of the frameworks. We’ll examine the key differences between React and Bootstrap in further detail.


Bootstrap – Bootstrap assists in creating mobile-friendly websites.

React – While React is known for improving the user experience by loading web pages more quickly, HTML layouts, CSS design, and JavaScript functions all work effectively.


Most aspects of the website category are dominated by Bootstrap.

React keeps its popularity to date over Bootstrap.


Bootstrap provides the space for its extensive customizations, but React outperforms it in terms of performance.

In contrast, React offers smooth performance due to its component-based architecture and reusable ode features. By doing this, it eliminates the need to reload the web page in order to update the data.

Application Architecture

A predetermined architecture, such as VVC, is necessary for Bootstrap (View-View-Controller). During the creation of a web application, it serves as the view component of the MVC design.

React doesn’t need an architectural design. React elements are required in order to build a web app’s view layer within a click.


Bootstrap is susceptible to XSS repercussions. Javascript sanitizers and content security policies are essential.

SQL injections, XSS flaws, and server-side assaults are all common with React. Threats can be reduced by safeguarding against unprotected URLs and script injection issues.

Application Size

The Application size of Bootstrap is depended on the content length. It is different from 137 KB in CSS to 49 KB in Javascript.

React app is a little big. The Exciting news is that the latest version of React has reduced its size to 30%.


Bootstrap has a single universal code and an excellent grid system. Apps built with Bootstrap can be scaled easily across browsers, apps, and screens.
Reusable components and a virtual DOM are tools that React uses to help create scalable user interfaces.


Bootstrap provides a rich user experience with drop-down menus, buttons, integrated layouts, themes, and sliders.

A sophisticated and complex user interface is offered by React. The library regularly undergoes meta updates, which makes it dynamically efficient. It is simple to render and display the data.

Bootstrap vs. React: Which One to Choose When?

Choose Bootstrap in the Following Conditions :-

  • Ideally, you want your application to be mobile-friendly and responsive.
  • You desire pre-made style components to help your framework.
  • You have a limited amount of time to create designs that are consistent and usable across multiple platforms.
  • If you are proficient in HTML, CSS, and JS and are interested in learning a new framework, this is your chance.
  • You need opportunities for quick integration and a straightforward framework to customize.

Choose to React in the following conditions :-

  • You need a server-side rendering solution that is reliable.
  • You’re looking for a structure with parts.
  • You need a declarative framework that integrates debugging capabilities.
  • Your code requires more options for reuse.
  • You’re looking for a framework that will not require you to alter the data in the structure itself.

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