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Are you also the one who is looking for the “Best Magento Extension” that drives more sales, enhanced functionality, and a better customer experience?

Then here, you will get to know about the high-end Magento Extension that will assist your online store growth with better functionality and ease of use.

However, choosing a perfect Magento Extension from thousands of options is an overwhelming task which even confuses experienced Magento players.

Thus, to solve our users’ troubles, we have created this comprehensive blog in which you get to know about some powerful Magento tools that will boost your marketing and selling.

So let’s dive in!

Quick List Of The

Best Magento Extensions As Per Categories

1. For Marketing & Communication

  • Bronto
  • Omnisend
  • LiveChat
  • MConnect

2. For Better User/Customer Experience

  • Algolia Instant Search
  • Product Promotional Label
  • Nosto
  • Yotpo Reviews

3. For Analytics Performance Tracking

  • Google Analytics Plugin for Magento 2
  • Actionable Google Analytics
  • Advanced Reports

4. For Smooth Payment & Checkout

  • Stripe Payments
  • TaxJar

5. For Website Security

  • Astra
  • MageFence
  • Watchdog
  • Two-Factor Authentication by Amasty
  • 18-Must Have The Best Magento Extensions For Website Growth

1. For Marketing & Communication


Making enormous sales dreams possible, you need first to perform strategic marketing. One such tool that enhances your marketing campaign is Bronto.

It allows you to personalize the communication with customers by understanding their behavior and interest according to their activity on your website. This is the key factor to bring back customers to your website effectively.

Bronto is a perfect Magento Extension for increasing conversions through targeted and personalized emails.

Bronto works on the RFM metrics: Recency, Frequency, and Monetary Value; this means it will collect information of customers visiting your Magento website.

With Bronto Magento Extension, you will be able to insert recommended Products to a particular user, send cart reminders, create transactional emails, send review & feedback requests, etc., with smooth and floating drag-&-drop functionality.


Omnisend provides Magento users with an all-in-one marketing solution, solving every major aspect of the marketing challenge. With this tool, you can perform multiple tasks like creating emails, smoothly building and managing automation workflows, and creating a sophisticated list of subscribers in less than a minute.

Unlike other email marketing extensions for Magento, Omnisend offers integration of diverse email marketing functionalities like push notifications, drafting & sending emails, SMS, and many more in a similar automated workflow.

The reason being we are suggesting it because, with Visual Email Composer, you can compose any kind of email in a minute from scratch, also, with easy segmentation of the audience based on their data and behavior on your website.

Last but not least, Omnisend supports its users by creating responsive Landing pages, building embeddable contact forms, designing dynamic pop-up screens, and much more functionality like Wheel of Fortune, compatible enough to capture the contact details of your customer making them feel rapture.


To provide instant customer support on a website, what is a much better option than a Chat Box. LiveChat is the best Magento extension to provide chatting support to their customers.

With this tool, you are able to track the messages of customers, check their browsing behavior, and send relevant messages to your customers.

You will get auto-templates to create auto-response for certain questions and queries of your customers, customize the Chat Box Windows that fits your eCommerce site, and lastly, with C Chat Analytics, you will be able to create chat reports, track the logs, analyze support tickets, and many more.

Connect Customer Specific Product & Price
If you are looking to provide an extraordinary shopping experience to your customers and effectively display products & prices that entice customers to buy your products, then Mconnect is the right tool for you.

With Mconnect’s Customer Specific Product & Price tool, you can offer personalized price tags on the product based on the customer behavior and customer group they belong to. It will help you provide a personalized price tag by offering selective sales or discounts to a particular customer segment that needs little to purchase your product depending on the buying funnel they are into. In this way, you can use this tool to make personalization sales that are only visible or available for a specific segment of customers.

2. For Better Customer Experience

Algolia Instant Search

As better customer experience is the primary objective of every Magento website owner, Algolia Instant Search helps customers to smoothly search products on the Magento website, saving their time.

Algolia is the best replacement for the Magento search bar as you can enhance the customer experience by instantly showing them results with the most relevant options in the search results.

For complex Magento websites, it is hard for customers to find products from millions of products and to get the correct result for the product they are looking for.

Enhance your customer’s experience by offering them advanced search features that show relevant results in no time. Moreover, installing this extension does not require any coding as it was developed for Magento website functionality, meaning it integrates into your website seamlessly.

Better customer experience always results in more sales; hence solving your customer’s queries instantly will result in a higher conversion rate.

Product Promotional Label

Attractive website features derive interest in customers to make better purchase decisions. With Promotional Product Label, you will be able to create creative & attractive product labels for Sales, Discounts, Offers, Special Deals, Promotions, etc.

With this tool, you can highlight the offers on the product using visual tags, which will also improve the customer experience. As these labels are handy and easy to edit, you can design custom labels, highlight special features of specific products, add unique color to particular labels, and add text to make the product label informative and attractive to your customers.

Most importantly, it will benefit you in grabbing the attention of your customers when they visit your online store for the first time. It will boost the revenue of your online store by showing fascinating deals and offers to your customers.


Displaying product recommendations is always a better and proven way to increase conversions on eCommerce websites. One such tool that helps you show product recommendations is Notso.

It offers on-site recommendations of products to your customer at the critical point below the Add to Cart button and on the checkout page.

This tool helps in placing the product recommendation where it is most useful automatically. Moreover, it also retargets the customers through Instagram & Facebook ads based on their last shopping and behavior on your website.

With that, you can even personalize the product recommendation with this tool so that customers get relevant product offers. Otherwise, it will be a waste.

Yotpo Reviews

Another important element of offering a better customer experience and improving sales is through using customer reviews on your Magento website.

Yotpo Reviews is a Magento extension that provides you a panel to collect customer reviews & feedback for the product they’ve purchased and showcase them on the product page.

Adding customer reviews on your eCommerce website is equally important to any other feature. It is the major element of improving customer experience as it boosts trust in the product and helps them make an informed buying decision.

With Yotpo Review Magento extension, you can show the picture of the customer, star ratings, review text, and images of the product shared by the customers.

Furthermore, displaying customer reviews on your website will make your website SEO friendly, which eventually improves the Google rankings and on any other Search Engine Platform.

3. For Analytics & Performance Tracking

Google Analytics Plugin for Magento 2

Performance tracking and analysis is the most critical part for every website owner because it clearly reveals the results of efforts you are making on your website. To resolve your problem, here comes Google Analytics Plugin that is designed for Magento and other eCommerce stores for enhanced tracking and analytics.

This is the simplest analytics plugin for eCommerce stores with powerful performance measurement metrics and dimensions that will help you easily comprehend the data.

You only require less than 5 minutes to set up the entire installation and setup procedure for Google Analytics Plugin to integrate on your Magento website. Without any code, you can connect Google Analytics with your Magento online store from the interface.

It will track the user’s activity from the page they enter your website to their last action on the website. You will get precise data to report with complete information of a user with diverse demographics, behavior, channel, etc.

Actionable Google Analytics

For those who do not acquire a good knowledge base of traditional Google Analytics, Actionable Google Analytics is a perfect solution.

With this tool, you will get attributes that are easily comprehensible and collect metrics from Google in a much better way.

It will provide actionable reports like customer behavior, product performance, no. of sales, and product categories or list performing successfully.

Advanced Reports

Another analytics tool for eCommerce stores that won’t require many struggles of your brand to understand the reports is Advanced Reports.

It will help you understand the Analytics Reports in a matter of seconds as it provides data in a very simple and effective manner.

It will showcase reports of your eCommerce website with a complete report of the product along with their category.

This tool also tracks the performance of your discount codes and promotional offers.

4. For Smooth Payment & Checkout

Stripe Payments

Stripe Payment supports diverse payment options through debit cards, credit cards, and e-wallets like Google Pay, Apple Pay, etc. This extension is safe & secure, with thousands of Magento website owners trusting Stripe as a payment tool for their website. It accepts wide payment options, which also makes it customers friendly.

With all that functionality, Stripe Payment Extension is also multi-store friendly, meaning you can use it to collect payments by integrating it with your other stores.

Moreover, it works on machine learning that effectively detects threats and prevents your store from any fraudulent payments.


Webkul delivers the one-step payment and checkout extension to Magento website owners. It comes with simple and smooth functionality for the whole checkout process with a clean design without too many redirections and checkout tabs.

However, you will not get features like address suggestions, analytics, track, and gift cards checkbox, but it contains all the major features that are necessary for payment and an uncomplicated checkout process.

With that, the Webkul payment system is based on Ajax, which means it will not hamper the design of your webpage if you install it. Moreover, it is compliant with multiple languages so that customers from different regions can easily make payments without worrying about theft.

Finally, yet importantly, it is also a customer-friendly platform, allowing them to make payments without signing in or signing up to save their time. Customers are also easily able to apply voucher codes or discount codes with a complete summary of the order.


Tax is the most paining element, and it will not leave you even if you are undertaking your business online. In case you are selling in the United States, you have to pay tax on every sale, so it is important for you to calculate tax correctly for every product sold.

Don’t worry; TaxJar is here for you; it will automatically calculate the tax on the basis of the amount of every sale.

The reason why you should use it for your Magento website is that you don’t have to make any tough mathematical calculations; it will calculate the sales tax on the customer’s goods based on their address product needs to deliver.

Moreover, it is simple and easy-to-use and takes only minutes to install and set up for your website.

5. For Website Security


You are making the smartest choice if you are installing Astra security for your Magento website. Thousands of Magento stores around the globe are using this high-end security tool for their Magento website. This tool effectively detects errors that are often not caught by the many automated tools.

It comes with a solid security system with WAF that protects against any Malware injection, bad bots, XSS attacks and prevents fake or spam signing up of users on your store.

Along with that, it also provides full-fledged user support. One can connect with their team through email, chat, and even phone calls for any technical support. The security patches automatically prevent vulnerabilities, blocks users attempting to fetch admin access fraudulently, as well as protect your website security from third-party plugins also.


With a well-rounded security solution, MageFence makes its place in one of the best security extensions for Magento websites. It will seamlessly protect websites from small or big security issues as well as work as an add-on protection layer for Magento websites by blocking brute forces or any other hackers attack.

MageFence scans the website from inside and out and notifies you if any unwanted activity or changes are made on your Magento website.

It comes with various security features that will keep complete protection against any security threat following the best practices.

Along with that, MageFence also carries security audits to check any loopholes in the security, malware, or any dysfunction that might hamper the security of your website.

It will scan the database to detect the authentic user so that the right person with admin authorization privileges can enter the website.


To keep your website safe from the attacks of brute force, WatchBlog is specially designed for such users. This tool is helpful in preventing your website from attacks where any hacker or thief wants to enter into the back office of your Magento website.

Moreover, it will also provide periodic reports of the emails containing detailed information of login attempts made on your website. It will also provide data reports for login attempts on a daily and monthly basis on the graphs. With that, it will also track the connections of all the fraud login attempts made on your Magento website.

Two-Factor Authentication by Amasty

Two-Factor Authentication Magento Extension by Amasty emerges as a foolproof and strong security system that will protect your eCommerce website from unwanted threats and keep all the data safe and sound.
It will provide you with a sturdy security verification for the Magento admin panel and only allow authentic users to enter the website only after passing the two steps of authentication.

It includes both the Google Authenticator application as well as smartphone verification for admin sessions. In this way, your Magento website will be safe from fraudulent and unauthorized logins.

This tool by Amasty assures users complete protection to cover data sniff by generating a new code every time. This means even if, in any case, somebody hacks or steals the password or security code, they will not be able to log in to the account.

Two-Way Authentication works on time-regulated security code, which gets changed after 30 seconds once you created it.

Moreover, with this tool, you can also create a white list with IP addresses so that they do not need to follow the same verification process each time they log in to the website.

Last Words – Best Magento Extensions For Better Sales
Now you know the best Magento extension available on the internet to improve the functionalities of your online store.

These Magento extensions are popular, trusted, and widely used by the many Magento merchants and retailers to improve the functioning of their Magento online store.

Choose any of these plugins or extensions on your website and let us know how it helps you improve your website.

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