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Ascure Tech you enhance and build effective E-learning features in an easy, effective, and affordable E-learning website solution.

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Online Admissions

Offer 24/7 online admission forms open for your audience to enroll for E-learning courses at any time and anywhere. We build a smooth online admission platform for you by reducing the hectic admission procedure and cut off paperworks and any assistance.

Education 2

Course Creation

Showcase all your E-learning courses diligently to your students and help them get the course easily they are looking for on your website.We help you build a creative and attractive E-learning courses panel to bring enrollments at an exceptional rate.

Education 3

Track Skills & Certification

A good E-learning website is the one that provides a complete student profile with the skills, certifications, and badges they have earned with your courses. We help you measure the performance of students by properly tracking their skills and certifications.

Education 4

Smooth Payment Gateway

Online payment system is the most essential part of your E-learning website. A safe, secure, and smooth Payment Gateway is all you need for a checkout process. We provide a comfortable Payment Gateway system on your E-learning website.

Education 5

Perform Data Analysis & Reports

Create reports and analyze student’s behaviour while they are interacting with your courses. We help you collect and track data profoundly that help you build analyse students reactions, activities, and build reports to offer the best experience to your students.

Education 6

Get Data Management & Backups

Maintain and supervise your students’ activities and data like attendance, tests, performance appraisal, etc. We provide a robust SIMS (Student Information Management System) that keeps all the data of your students with proper backup.

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